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Arkansas Video Production Gear

The Digital Magic Crew is one of the best equipped 
     and creative teams in Arkansas and the region.    

Our Cinema background means we have unique tools 
    and skills to give your project a significant edge.     
     When you hire the Magic Crew, you are not limited to ordinary local production techniques.
Does your video need a superhero or pyrotechnics? Time lapse? Crane shot?
 How about one person playing multiple roles on screen interacting with themselves?
Need to fly a spaceship or be in a virtual set? Car chase? Fight scene? Aerial? Morph?
 Time Travel? 3D animation? Cartoon? Slow motion? Multiple perspectives?
If so, maybe you should call the Magic Crew..



     Cinema Cameras


13 Lav Mics
8 Shotgun Mics
6 Instrument Mics
4 Handheld Mics
9 Digital Audio Recorders
1 Full Blimp System
2 Windjammer System
4 Mic Boom Poles
2 Mic Boom Arms
3 Voiceover Studio Mics 
6 Wireless Systems


6 Tungsten Lights
3 HMI Lights
16 LED Lights

    Remote Crane/Jib 

16ft and 4ft

     Support and Rigs   

Steadicam and (2) 3 Axis Gimbals
Motorized Slider Dolly System
4 Remote Pan/Tilt Heads
15 Tripods
3 Monopods
16 Superclamps & Action Mounts 
2 Remote Pole Cam Systems
6 Vehicle Mounts
8 Underwater Housings
18 Light, Mic and Camera Stands

    Special Equipment 

3 Fog Machines
Prop Guns, Knives, Blood etc..
Poseable Stunt Dummy
Foam Backed Chroma Key Fabric
4 External Video Recorders
5 Field Monitors
2 Multi-rotor 4K Copters/Drones 
5 Reflectors & Bounce Cards
Blacklight, Strobelight
Automated Disc Publisher



5 Real Time Matrox & Mac Pro Workstations


Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Revit
Adobe Master Collection
Final Cut Pro
Vegas Pro & Catalyst Production Suite
Craft Animations
Mad Car
Boris BCC, FEC, Red, Blue, FX
GenArts Sapphire, Monsters GT, Mocha
Red Giant
Fume FX & Dreamscape
Final Draft
V-Ray & Mental Ray
HitFilm Pro
Hollywood Screenwriter
Acid Pro
Anime Studio Pro
Knoll Light Factory
Manga Studio Pro