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Demo Reel

We've shot across the United States and in Europe. From scenic wonders to high speed cars, stunts, large scale corporate videos, miniatures, time lapse, 3-D Animation, sci-fi effects, to university projects, family videos and weddings. We were making videos before we could legally drive back when it was deck to deck analog editing with flying erase heads. Now we have 5 purpose-built editing platforms with sophisticated compositing, modeling and animation software.

If you have a project that you need done right,
then you should hire The Magic Crew!

Check out our Demo Reel to see what we can do for you. 
Digital Magic Studios produces high quality video productions in AR, OK, MO, TX and worldwide. 
Compare us to anyone. Anywhere.

Car commercials, automotive events, stunts and more!

Events, recitals, concerts, theater, fashion shows, dances and more!

Family fun and memories

Slow Motion Fun Booth

  Creative cinematography for agriculture and construction!

For more videos check out our YouTube Channel