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Q: Why choose Digital Magic Studios?

A:   We are committed to help you succeed. We are a friendly, locally owned company that can deliver national level quality. Digital Magic is known for being the best equipped and most customer oriented production company around, satisfying clients from start to finish. We plan with you and together form a unique creative vision to achieve the results you need. 
Digital Magic Studios uses time-tested Hollywood production techniques and tools. Click HERE to see our professional workflow. If you can dream it up, chances are we can do it.


The Magic Crew believes that every frame counts, and we always strive for top quality work.  

Q: How is it that you guys do the same work for less?

A: It's simple: overhead. Our equipment and software has already been paid for from years of endless 100+ hour work weeks and sacrifice. We didn't launch a business and have to finance equipment and software in addition to real estate and vehicles.

Q: What locations do you serve?

A: We've shot across the United States and beyond. Though most of our work tends to be in NWA and the River Valley, we are happy to travel wherever professional video work is needed.

Q: What do you charge?
A: We can produce simple $500 jobs all the way to $1,000,000 projects. So whether you are a local client or international one, we can help.  We offer unparalleled price per quality. The key isn't how fancy we can make it look, but rather matching the production with your needs so that the result accomplishes YOUR goals. Contact us and we will meet with you to create a project to both achieve your goals and fit your budget.  Contact us.

Q: Your demo reel is from 1991-2011. Do you have a newer one?

A: We have released our new demo for 2021.  

Q: What kind of equipment and software do you use?

A: Some companies shoot with HDSLRs, some with cinema cameras and some use ENG cameras. We use all three.  Some companies use Final Cut for post work, some use Adobe and others use Vegas Pro. We use all three on our 5 dedicated Mac Pro and Matrox workstations and use the same effects software plugins used in major Hollywood productions. We are software testers for the effects giant, GenArts. We use Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Azden, Rode and Sony microphones; Leica, Canon, Sony and Tamron lenses; Tascam, Zoom and Sony audio recorders;  HMI, LED and tungsten lighting. It doesn't stop there.
Whether it's a 20 camera event, crane shot, dolly shot, special FX, CGI, slomo, aerial or virtual set; we've got you covered.


Q: Do you produce wedding videos?

A: Yes. Using the same professional equipment and software we use for our corporate clients, we produce the area's leading wedding videos. Visit our sister site Digital Magic Weddings for more information.

Q: Can you film in 4K?

A: We have 8 4K cameras and we can not only film in 4K, but we can even film 5X slow motion in 4K.  

Q: Do you produce High Definition?

A: Yes. We have 28 cameras and produce videos in SD, HD, UHD, 4K and 8K. We produce NTSC for our North American clients and PAL for our European clients. We can record in 4:2:2 color and even RAW for jobs that require heavy post color grading or special effects/compositing.

At Digital Magic Studios,  Every Frame Counts