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 Hollywood Production Workflow  


Digital Magic Studios uses time tested Hollywood Production techniques from start to finish. Our clients appreciate it, and the results show it...
Clients love working with Digital Magic Studios because we make it so easy.

From the first contact to finished delivery, it is apparent you are dealing with a professional production house that knows how to satisfy. 

First we meet with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish. We then work together with you to form a vision to make your goal a reality.

We creatively tailor the production around your specific needs to help ensure success and follow a tried and true Hollywood approach. We don't just show up with a camera and shoot a few things with you having no idea what's going on and then later deliver a disc that may not even resemble what you had in mind.

After meeting with you and coming up with a creative plan, we write a screenplay which tells, in motion picture format, the story. Screenplays are used to clearly convey the story, including key dialogue, shots, characters, action and time length.


We then storyboard the project so you can visually see what it will look like...angles, scenery, lighting, graphics, etc.. A picture is worth a thousand words. There's a good reason why Hollywood storyboards every production prior to shooting.


Once the pre-production steps are finalized, the actual production begins. We use multiple pro cameras to decrease production time and increase professional impact. We have 6000 watts worth of professional lighting to give it that extra edge and specialized equipment that can give it the Hollywood look.
We use top of the line Solid State recording media to ensure reliability.

Since audio is 70% of the impact we use pro gear from Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Sony, Rhode, Tascam and Samson to ensure the audio is high grade. From boom poles to wireless lavalier and instrument mics, we have it.


Post Production is done on any of 5 Purpose-built powerhouse workstations. We don't just do simple editing; we composite. Our software works in real time with each other to first edit the footage, integrate motion graphics and other effects and even custom 3D modeling and animation if you need to really stand out from your competitors. 

From sophisticated physics engines for object and vehicle animation to photo-realistic Architecture renderings, character animation and cartoons.. we can do it.

We use the same effects software that Hollywood uses in major motion pictures.

We don't just slap a generic music track down after the video work is finished. We lay the music bed first, building the video around it. We call this sync-editing the music with the visuals and it helps maximize the impact. We have libraries of quality music in addition to music production software to deliver effective and tasteful music into your production.

We color grade, color match and apply any needed effects to footage to produce the specific results you need. With an aresenal of over 1000 filters, transitions and industry leading effects, we can make your production as impressive as you can dream up.


Once the production is complete we turn the digital video over to our automated Disc Publisher which not only quickly duplicates the optical discs at industry leading speed, it also prints our custom designed artwork directly to the disc surface. We also produce custom artwork for DVD and Blu Ray cases to give your production a final 
professional touch.

We utilize most major media formats: Mini-DV, 3/4, DVC-PRO HD, VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, P2, VHS-C, HDV, DVD, Blu Ray and pro codecs such as AVC-INTRA, AVCHD, XAVC, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD and even uncompressed HD.